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 Nintendo Hardware Still Selling Well in Japan

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PostSubject: Nintendo Hardware Still Selling Well in Japan   Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:56 am

Quote :
Newly released Media Create sales numbers show Nintendo hardware had another good week in Japan.

The data from NeoGAF for the week of December 9 - December 15 below shows sales from that week. Numbers following in parenthesis show sales numbers from the week previous.

Wii U — 74,903 (48,762)
3DS — 50,846 (32,894)
3DS LL — 130,710 (92,375)
Wii — 1,197 (767)

This significant jump is linked to a boom in Nintendo's software sales. Games like Wii Party U, Pokemon X&Y, Super Mario 3D World, Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold far better than they had the week before.
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Nintendo Hardware Still Selling Well in Japan
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